The Young Answer

The Young Answer
January 29, 2006, 4:16 am
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Found this exceprt from Larry Platt's book Only the Strong Survive about Allen Iverson.

In the locker room, Iverson's teammate and close friend Xavier Gunn
called a twenty-minute team meeting. "Allen, you're selfish," he said.

Iverson leaped to his feet. "How can I be selfish when I average ten assists a game?"

"Not the basketball part," Gunn replied. "You gotta be right all the
time. When Coach Bailey said what he said to you tonight, when we say
things to you sometimes, you always gotta be right."

Check out True Hoop for the full context.  This little bit gives you an interesting look into the young Allen Iverson.  Platt's book seems like a better purchase than the one detailing A.I.'s sex life.

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