The700Level Gift Guide: B-Dawk's Homecoming

The700Level Gift Guide: B-Dawk's Homecoming
February 17, 2009, 10:38 am
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Over the next few days, we'll be posting some gift ideas for the Philly sports fans on your lists. Your shopping time is officially running out, and by now you could be in full-on panic mode. We're here to help.   

Here in Philadelphia, we're really not that good at saying goodbye unless we're the ones who want a player or coach to leave town. Then we're freakin famous at it. But when a player leaves and we're not ready for it, we tend to react pretty sensitively. Just look at the whole Cliff Lee/Kyle Drabek thing going on right now. One guy was here less than a season, and most of us have never seen the other one throw a pitch.

Then there's Brian Dawkins. 

When your team is the first franchise to sign Michael Vick off of the Leavenworth practice squad, and that's not the least popular move of its offseason, you know the impact of B-Dawk in this town is for real. We've spent a lot of time and posts on how much we all love the emotional safety that anchored the Eagles' D for so long, so we don't need to bring all that up again. But if someone on your gift list was a huge Dawkins fan, then why not get him some tickets to the Birds' 12/27 matchup against the Broncos? You know the crowd will give him the respect he deserves, and even though he's on the other side, it'll be great to have him back on the Linc field. 

Tickets are pretty steep at StubHub, and it's not likely they'll go down much as the Eagles march toward a division title, but it should be a hell of a game. One word of caution—the SH listing still says the game is at 1PM, but it's been moved to 4:15. 

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