There is Good in the World: Sal's Pals Live On in Canada

There is Good in the World: Sal's Pals Live On in Canada
April 30, 2007, 8:46 pm
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Once every couple decades there are events that bring the world together and we like to report on these events every couple of months. Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, the Beatles came to America, Bob Dylan plugged in at Newport, Michael Jackson gave us Black or White, Stallone gave the world Rocky V.

Today, the Sal's Pals phenomenon has reached the Great White North.  Our cold, hockey-watching neighbors have shown us love today.

I woke up this morning thinking it was going to be just another gloomy Tuesday, then I found this email in my inbox.

Just wanted to send my regards and let you know that the dream that is "Sal's Pals" lives on in Toronto.  Our numbers are growing faster than the "fu" itself and we are ready to cheer on our hero. In fact, we were there on Saturday for Sal's historic first appearance with the Blue Jays and he was great! He didn't hit a home run (all he ever did in Syracuse) but he did take one for the team and
eventually score (how utterly Sal of him).

I've sent along some shots.

Thanks very much,

Sal's Pals Canada

They are certainly not up to the caliber of the original Sal's Pals, but a torch has been passed.  It's a great day.  The five o'clock shaddow on my face came in at about 9:00 am this morning and I'll be damned if the sun is not shining a bit brighter on the world.

A few more shots of Sal's Pals: Canadian Chapter after the jump.

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