There is Good in the World: Sal's Pals Live On in Canada

There is Good in the World: Sal's Pals Live On in Canada

Once every couple decades there are events that bring the world together and we like to report on these events every couple of months. Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, the Beatles came to America, Bob Dylan plugged in at Newport, Michael Jackson gave us Black or White, Stallone gave the world Rocky V.

Today, the Sal's Pals phenomenon has reached the Great White North.  Our cold, hockey-watching neighbors have shown us love today.

I woke up this morning thinking it was going to be just another gloomy Tuesday, then I found this email in my inbox.

Just wanted to send my regards and let you know that the dream that is "Sal's Pals" lives on in Toronto.  Our numbers are growing faster than the "fu" itself and we are ready to cheer on our hero. In fact, we were there on Saturday for Sal's historic first appearance with the Blue Jays and he was great! He didn't hit a home run (all he ever did in Syracuse) but he did take one for the team and
eventually score (how utterly Sal of him).

I've sent along some shots.

Thanks very much,

Sal's Pals Canada

They are certainly not up to the caliber of the original Sal's Pals, but a torch has been passed.  It's a great day.  The five o'clock shaddow on my face came in at about 9:00 am this morning and I'll be damned if the sun is not shining a bit brighter on the world.

A few more shots of Sal's Pals: Canadian Chapter after the jump.

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Gregg Popovich on Sixers: 'One of my joys in life to watch them win'

Gregg Popovich on Sixers: 'One of my joys in life to watch them win'

When Brett Brown agreed to become the Sixers' head coach, he knew he was embarking upon a unique challenge with a franchise that planned to be as methodical as possible in its rebuild. 

One of the results was a career record for Brown of 47-199 entering this season, a record so lopsidedly poor that Brown may never break the .500 mark.

But the Sixers are finally showing real progress, with a star in Joel Embiid and young players who are turning out to be useful pieces. The Sixers have won seven of their last nine, and there's no one happier to see that than Brown's former boss and mentor, Gregg Popovich.

"It's one of my joys in life to watch them win basketball games because if there's any team that deserves it, it's those guys," Popovich told ESPN.

Brown and the Sixers aren't out of the woods yet. At 14-26, they're still closer to the bottom of the Eastern Conference, but the entire vibe around the team has changed. 

"They've had it really tough for all the obvious reasons," said Popovich, who has been the Spurs' head coach since 1996 and worked with Brown from 2002-13.

"There's nobody in our business that is more positive, and more day-to-day upbeat and ready to teach and love than Brett Brown. He's a unique, unique guy."

Clay Buchholz was introduced to his wife by Donald Trump, is big fan of 45

Clay Buchholz was introduced to his wife by Donald Trump, is big fan of 45

Philadelphia Phillies fans likely don't know a ton about one of the team's most recent pitching acquisitions, former Red Sox right-hander Clay Buccholz, but it turns out he has a unique connection to the 45th President of the United States of America.

It was Donald Trump who first introduced him to his now wife, Lindsay Clubine, at an after party of a UFC fight following a game out in California back in the late aughts.

The Boston Globe wrote about the encounter early last year.

“It was ‘Affliction: Banned’ fighting, and [Trump] owned the whole circuit," Buchholz told the Globe. "My wife knew him prior, from ‘Deal or No Deal’ when he came on the show as a celebrity banker."

“She was helping him host this event in Anaheim. So when we all walked in, he was there, and he saw us and he introduced Lindsey to me.”

Trump, of course, also has ties to a more formative New England athlete in Tom Brady who allegedly called Donald on Thursday to congratulate him on his coming inauguration. 

As for Buchholz opinion on Trump? He was a big supporter during the campaign and is a fan of the former " The Apprentice" host.

“He says what a lot of people think and don’t say,” Buchholz told the Globe. “I like that part of him."

Phillies fans tend to say what they think, so he'll probably be a fan of them as well, right?

Here are some shots of the couple from their social media accounts: