Thoughts on Eagles Win over SD

Thoughts on Eagles Win over SD
December 23, 2004, 7:12 pm
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I guess fans should be excited at the fact the Eagles won yesterday's game but the bottom line is that the Birds looked like an average team.  Sure, good teams win that game, and they did win.  The offense looked pretty pathetic and the lack of balance is catching up with them.  Donovan doesn't look like an MVP caliber player and Terrell Owens is even lacking the fantastic end zone celebrations.

The defense on the other hand looked great.  Trotter was all over the place and showed that the Eagles can in fact stop the run.  Holding L.T. to 7 yards rushing is unbelievable.  You really have to give it up to them.

We can hope that the blocked field goal will have the season changing effect that Brian Westbrook's punt return against the Giants a few years ago had.

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