Timberwolves' Madsen Says A.I. to Denver

Timberwolves' Madsen Says A.I. to Denver
February 18, 2006, 9:14 am
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Timerbwolf Mark Madsen thinks A.I. wil go to Denver:

I guess the good news for us is that it really looks like Denver is
going to win out on the A.I. thing. They have two draft picks in 2007
and Philly really wants those picks. The other thing is that I don't
think there is any way that the Timberwolves organization is going to
trade Randy Foye or Craig Smith. That's who Philly really wanted from
us anyway. I'd like to see these two young guys filling up the Target
Center for many years to come.

Randy Foye and Craig Smith were the exact playrs I was hoping for as well.  (via TrueHoop)

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