T.O. Beats Lesbians

T.O. Beats Lesbians
February 19, 2005, 7:01 pm
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Nothing like a good double entendre.  Terrell Owens topped ESPN's list of most searched for items for 2005.  Mr. Owens barely beat out the lesbian cheerleaders of the Carolina Panthers.  I like to believe I helped fuel the fans fire of good T.O. information.  Let's have some fun with Google.

Lets see what happens when you do a Google search for T.O.'s woman "Felisha Terrell."  How about a Yahoo! search for "Terrell Owens Fiance?"  "What Would T.O. do?"

Or how about "Owens Atlantic City Bash?"  or maybe a little "Drew Rosenhaus Sucks!"

How about a trade for "Korver Artest?"  It makes sense people, nobody would care if we lose a few of Kyle's locks besides some 14 year old high school girls and maybe their mothers (and my mother)

Ahh good times.  How bout some more random searches like.. "birdman rules philly!"  You the man Bird, you the man.

And last but not least.. One of my crowning achievements, which Jamie Burns would be mighty proud of.. "rinsin beers"

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