T.O. Having Smooth Recovery, Says He Will Be Ready

T.O. Having Smooth Recovery, Says He Will Be Ready
January 6, 2005, 5:21 am
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There is no arguing TO is a physical machine.  I don't think I've ever seen anyone in as good of shape as this guy is, so it really isnt all that surprising that his bone began to heal 8 days after surgery.  Some of the things he says are a little disheartening, glimpses of his selfishness in San Fran come out in this article.  But he also says "And, believe it or not, we're a team in everything we do, in every sense of the word."  So maybe the selfishness was just Stephen A. Smith trying to stir up some controversy.  Not surprising either.

Photo & Link: Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/06/2005 | Stephen A. Smith | Owens says frustration clouded stellar season.

Owens says that the Eagles' trainers are excited about his progress, that X-rays last week showed bone healing just eight days after surgery, and that he feels no pain when putting his foot on the floor. Hope about returning during Super Bowl week has been replaced by confidence. "It's looking better and better," Owens said, beaming.

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