T.O. in The Onion

T.O. in The Onion
December 12, 2005, 9:24 am
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Sorry to go a little Terrell Owens crazy on you, but the people need to know.

Terrell Owens Blames Poor Game On Drew Bledsoe, Offensive Line, Hamid Karzai, NASA, Samsung [The Onion]

"I can't catch the ball if the quarterback can't pull the trigger on
those passes, and he can't get the pass off if no one's blocking—and
who can maintain concentration when [Afghan president] Hamid Karzai is
criticizing [Pakistani leader Pervez] Musharraf for not doing enough to
stop extremists in his country?"

I think T.O. may be a little off on his criticism of Karzai.  I'm a little shocked he didn't somehow blame Donovan, or at least Jeff Garcia, for his weak showing on Sunday.

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