T.O. is a Nutbag part 76

T.O. is a Nutbag part 76
December 12, 2004, 12:26 am
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Kind of old news, but this is the first picture I saw of T.O. wearing Irvin's jersey home from Dallas.  Terrell loves him some Terrell.  I think it's a weak decision on Owens part, but very fitting to his character.

Andy Reid didn't think it was a big deal:

"He's a big Michael Irvin fan," Reid said.
"On the way home, I give these guys an opportunity to wear comfortable
clothes. I have done that since I have been here, and he's very close
with Michael. I don't think it's that big of a deal."

Irvin thinks Owens' plan backfired:

"I can tell you what happened," he said.
"Nobody other than the 53 guys in that Dallas locker room thought they
were going to win that game. When T.O. packed that jersey, he wasn't
thinking he was going to lose that game. He never expected to lose. And
if they won and he wore that, he would have been putting it in Dallas'
face. Then everybody would have loved him."

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