T.O. on Letterman

T.O. on Letterman
December 4, 2004, 7:36 pm
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You can watch some of the TO segment here as of right now.

- Terrell wearing his typical Jumpman gear.
- Keys to Superbowl loss: turnovers, Patriots beat them, had to be error free and weren't.
- Downplays everything between he and Donovan
- Donovan didn't throw up in the huddle
- Letterman is harassing him about Donovan; T.O. wishes he had some headphones right now.
- Letterman won't leave it alone about the McNabb thing.
- Mutual respect for each other
- Gets into Rosenhaus contract issues, blah blah blah
- Letterman keeps making CBS Channel 3 references
- Talk about Chad Johnson and his checklist of DBs that he burns.  T.O. says their play resemble each other.
- Says other than Donovan he would like to play for Peyton Manning; Letterman rips on Brooks Bollinger
- T.O. puts on his jersey and goes outside with Letterman throws him some fake passes, then T.O. gets hit by a cab.  Pretty cheesy shit.

Also notable was the earlier guest, Matthew Mcconaughey, who is starring in the new movie Two for the Money with Al Pacino.

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