Today in Philly Sports History: Welcome to Philadelphia, Kevin Curtis, 2007

Today in Philly Sports History: Welcome to Philadelphia, Kevin Curtis, 2007

Stuck behind Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce on the depth chart in his four years with the St. Louis Rams, Kevin Curtis never really flashed much star potential before he signed with the Eagles has a free agent in the 2007 off-season. In fact, he had only gone over 100 yards once in his career, getting 105 in a game against the Jaguars in '05. But coming to a Philadelphia Eagles team devoid of any real #1 (or even #2) wideout since the departure of Terrell Owens, Curtis was afforded opportunities he never saw in St. Louis. With a little help from Donovan McNabb on September 23rd, 2007, he certainly took advantage of them.

Playing in their 75th Anniversary powder blue and yellow uniforms (recently listed by SportsCenter as one of the most unfortunate sports costume choices of recent years, though I still kinda like them), the Eagles made short work of a hapless Detroit secondary. In just the first half of the game, Curtis caught nine passes for a stunning 205 yards, with three scores to boot. That total tied Buffalo's Lee Evans for the most in a game's first half since Steve Largent went for 224 courtesy of QB Jeff Kemp for Seattle in 1987. Curtis was quiet for the rest of the game, but the rest of the offense continued to pile on, for a final score of Eagles 56, Lions 21. (On the other side, a none-too-shabby 446-yard passing day for Jon Kitna and 204-yard receiving day for Roy Williams were thoroughly wasted).

Of course, injuries to McNabb and a tough divisional run (The Cowboys, Giants and Skins were all post-season bound that year) led to the Eagles going a sub-par 8-8 and missing the playoffs for just the second time this decade. With all kinds of shiny new toys at their disposal, McNabb and Reid have relied less on Curtis recently, but for now at least, he remains the answer to the trivia question of who the only post-T.O. Eagles receiver to log 1000 receiving yards in a season is, and one of the less humiliating wideouts the Eagles have tied themselves to in recent years.

Topps cover man Claude Giroux answers U.S.-Canada questions

Topps cover man Claude Giroux answers U.S.-Canada questions

Claude Giroux spent Friday signing virtual autographs as the cover athlete for Topps NHL Skate 2017, a new onilne digital trading card game. Remember when trading cards came in a bubble gum pack? 

After the event, Giroux sat down with CSN's Michael Barkann on Philly Sports Talk for a game of “Who Does It Better: Canada or the United States?”

The game started off with a few easy softball questions, with Giroux picking the NFL over the Candian Football League. Then it got a little tougher, as Giroux chose Canadian hockey over U.S. hockey.

Despite talents like Drake and Shania Twain, Giroux went with the U.S. over Canada in music, and also chose American bacon over Canadian bacon.

Eventually, Barkann asked Giroux which beer he preffered.

“I don’t drink beer," Giroux responded.

Really? What Canadian doesn't like beer?

As he started to get up out of his seat after the interview, Giroux showed his true colors. “I love beer. I love beer,” he said.

Check out the video above to see the full game. 

Wayne Gretzky defends Connor McDavid's outburst over Brandon Manning

Wayne Gretzky defends Connor McDavid's outburst over Brandon Manning

PALM BEACH, Fla. — As the primary target of opponents over his Hall of Fame career, Wayne Gretzky can certainly empathize with the frustration of Oilers star Connor McDavid.

McDavid and Flyers defenseman Brandon Manning jostled all evening long in a 6-5 Edmonton loss. McDavid denounced the tactics of his opponent after the game, claiming Manning intentionally injured him last season; McDavid missed 37 games with a broken collarbone.

"I guess we can put the whole 'if he did it' thing to rest because what he said out there kind of confirmed that," said McDavid, who taunted Manning after scoring the second goal in the Oilers' loss.

"I think anybody who knows me or who has played with or against me along the road here, knows that I am not that kind of player," Manning said, according to a statement released by the Flyers. "I am not out there intentionally trying to hurt people. I'm a guy who plays the game hard and I take pride in that."

Gretzky didn't mind seeing that fire in McDavid, saying competitiveness is part of what makes the great ones great. And he said the targeting comes with the territory of being a superstar. It was something he and Mario Lemieux dealt with, too.

"And Connor, he's going to get tested every night, but this is not new for him," Gretzky said Friday at the NHL board of governors meetings. "He's been tested since he was a kid and then playing junior hockey and now in the NHL and he's always responded and done his part."