Tom Gordon Interview on 610

Tom Gordon Interview on 610
February 17, 2006, 3:53 am
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Tom Gordon was just on the morning show talking with Angelo Cataldi and company.  Rhea Hughes put it well after the interview noting that he "said all the right things".  Gordon is extremely excited to be closing again and seems to have a very business like approach to the season.  He noted he isn't concerned about getting 45 or 50 saves but rather he is focused on getting the Phillies into the post season.  Let's just hope his arm is as good as his attitude.  One of the scary parts of the interview was when Gordon was asked about how Mariano influenced him and he noted that he learned a lot of things from Dennis Eckersley.  Dating himself a bit there saying he played ball with Eckersley.  Gordon has been pitching in the majors since I was 7 years old.

Also, from Jim Salisbury's piece in today's Inqy: "If you can't believe on the first day of camp, then you shouldn't be here," said Tom Gordon.

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