Trading Burrell Will Not Be Easy

Trading Burrell Will Not Be Easy
December 31, 2005, 7:47 am
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Even is getting real about the fact that the Phillies need to trade Burrell:

That doesn't mean Gillick isn't going to try. He's going to
aggressively shop Burrell and see what comes of it. I think his answer
was simply reminding fans and potential buyers that Burrell can be
productive (his .222 average with runners in scoring position
notwithstanding). If you were selling your house, would you tell people
it had a leaky roof and needed new plumbing? No, you'd say that you
just bought new carpets and remind potential buyers that your house is
still one of the nicer models on the block.

Nothing like comparing Pat Burrell to the house you are trying to sell with a broken heater, leaky roof, and a toilet that some asshole at your last party pulled an upper decker in.

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