Trey Live at the Tower

Trey Live at the Tower
January 15, 2005, 5:36 pm
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I had  ridiculous 3rd row tickets to the Trey Anastasio show at the Tower which is going on right now, but I happen to be in Illinois so I couldn't go.  Thanks to I am still listening to the show.  The show is being broadcast as I type over the Internet.  Also, thanks to cell phone technology, I even got a picture sent to me  from the seats I should have been in as I listened from hundreds of miles away.

Trey is playing a solo acoustic set in the middle of the show.  He completely messed up My Friend  My Friend and blamed it on the web cast on xpn and then said something like "It's the internet's fault that Phish stopped playing!"  Then he busted into NICU and it was pretty damn sweet.

Trey noted numerous times how Philly energy is unlike any other place.

Damn, he just went into Bouncin which is completely nostalgic of when I was 16.  It sounds like he is basically taking requests from the crowd.  Then he went into Pebbles and Marbles which is one of the better songs Phish produced in their final few years and a song which sounds great on solo acoustic.

I love the Internets, except for the whole fact that the Internet broke Phish up.

Side note: for all of you fans, my sources tell me Trey and Mike will be doing an acoustic tour  in early '06.

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