Trotter: Can't Deny Reid's, McNabb's Accomplishments

Trotter: Can't Deny Reid's, McNabb's Accomplishments
February 10, 2009, 9:06 am
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Jeremiah Trotter hasn't had much of an impact on the field since rejoining the team back in October, but he's still a person of influence when it comes to the Eagles. We've already received a ton of reaction from our readers and the media on Andy Reid's extension, and to a lesser extent what it means for Donovan McNabb. For a player's take on these recent developments, there may be no one better than the man on his third stint with the club.

 “[Reid] definitely wants [a Lombardi Trophy],” veteran linebacker Jeremiah Trotter said.  “When you have won as many games as he has in this city, he deserves it, the city deserves it, the fans deserve it. And I’m hoping we can get one. We’ve done everything else but win it.”

“His record speaks for itself,” he said of Reid. “Sometimes you don’t miss a person till they’re gone. I remember how it was before he got here. Things were pretty bad around here, man. I remember how bad it was before Donovan got here. I know he’s taken a lot of heat in the city, but the guy wins games. Are we perfect? No, we’re not perfect. But you can’t deny what those two have done since they’ve been in this town.”

The haters are a very vocal group, but inside the Eagles locker room, it sounds like you're still going to find 53 players on message.

Added Trotter, “I think one thing players respect about him is that he doesn’t get into throwing players under the bus. True leaders take the blame on themselves, and he always does that. Guys respect that. I know sometimes you (media) guys want him to give you a little more, but that’s just the way he’s always been. We respect him for it. He’s definitely consistent.”

Hm... so all the complaints about "I need to put the players in a better position," and all along it actually might be a way of keeping the peace internally?

We couldn't have higher expectations for the Eagles. After years of standing on the doorstep, it's not enough anymore to just ring the bell. There is a reason why the organization is staying the course though. They're still close, maybe closer than they've been in five years. The players believe in the leadership of this team, and that's got to count for something.

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