USA-Canada II: This Time for Gold

USA-Canada II: This Time for Gold
February 28, 2010, 9:42 am
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The 2010 Vancouver Games have been a delight to watch, especially with the Americans dominating the medal count. Our friendly neighbors to the north are surely disappointed they didn't "Own the Podium," but I'm going to guess most of them would feel just fine about the games overall if their men can take home hockey gold this afternoon.

This U.S. hockey team, with their youth, has been the best of the tournament thus far, but to truly put their mark on the Vancouver Games they're going to have to beat the Canadians a second time on their home ice. Certainly not an easy task.

The best goalie of the Olympic tournament has clearly been the U.S.'s Ryan Miller who has led the American's past every team they've faced. Miller needs just one more dominating performance to reach legend status. Thirty years after the Americans pulled off a Miracle, a new batch of young hockey players look to hear their anthem on the podium this afternoon and bring home a piece of gold.

The gravity of this game is clearly different for each respective country. If the Canadians lose, a nation will fall into deep depression. If the U.S. loses, I'll flip over to the NFL Network and watch guys in Lycra do 40-yard dashes.

It's the match up we've all been hoping for and now we've got it. U-S-A, baby.

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