V is for Victory, Not Vicodin

V is for Victory, Not Vicodin
December 8, 2005, 7:20 pm
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That is what remained of a Terrell Owens jersey in the parking lot before the game on Sunday.   I don't think we really want to know what was done to it.

My Flickr Set from the game | Video of Lito Sheppard's 102 Yard INT | Inquirer Photos

Yesterday was one of the most exciting games I've ever attended.  The atmosphere at the Linc was comparable, in my opinion, only to the NFC Championship game which I was at in 2004.  Eagles fans were loud all day long.  This game lived up to the hype and the Birds came away with a victory.  Let's all be thankful that Drew Bledsoe is not a good quarterback.

And let's not forget about number 5.  He stepped up in a big game.  The throw he made to Baskett while almost being in the grasp of a defender was pinpoint accurate 40 yards down the field.  Where are the McNabb haters now?

After only watching the game in person from rather high up, I'd say the D-line kept pressure on Bledsoe all day and allowed the secondary to step up and shut down Terrell Owens.  This is exactly what I thought the key to the game would be.

As far as how the fans handled T.O.'s return, I didn't notice anything Ray Didinger would have been ashamed of.  I didn't notice too many vulgar signs or hear too many comments which were horribly inappropriate.  At one point late in the game, it sounded as if the entire stadium was doing the "Ohhhhh D, Ohhhhhhh D, O.D." chant in unison.  The view of T.O. flipping out on the sideline set to the tune of 60,000 rabid Eagles fans chanting "O.D." made for a truly stellar Sunday in Philadelphia.

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