Vegas Knows About Your Homerism, Philadelphia.

Vegas Knows About Your Homerism, Philadelphia.
December 26, 2006, 5:06 am
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It's Week 8 in the NFL, and the 2-4 Eagles are the favorite for the seventh time in seven games this season. It's even an away game in a raucous dome filled with crazy fans against a team that's showing signs of life and has one of the hottest running backs in the league. Obviously Vegas has figured out that we can't bet against the Eagles, but that we must bet, so they're making it easy on us by continuing to predict phantom Eagle wins. Something tells me this streak ends next week.

Quickie Gambler Notes: Other than the Detroit game, which is clearly this season's outlier, every Eagles game has hit the Under. Also, outside of that fine day at the Linc against Kitna and Co., the Eagles have scored a total of 3 touchdowns. The age-old advice of keeping your gambling business affairs separate from your rooting interests ain't no BS if you're a Birds fan.

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