Video: Patrick Kane's OT Winner, A Weird Way to Go Out

Video: Patrick Kane's OT Winner, A Weird Way to Go Out
June 9, 2010, 9:41 pm
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Sitting on pretty much the complete opposite side of the Wachovia Center, I didn't have any view at all of the game winner off the stick of Patrick Kane. I was totally confused, to be honest. One moment Kane is skating behind the net and the next I see gloves flying in the air. For a split second I thought "why in the hell would there be a fight in overtime of a Stanley Cup Final?" Then I quickly realized the gloves were not flying due to fisticuffs -- typically the only time you see gloves fly -- but rather the Chicago Blackhawks celebrating in elation. A truly bizarre way to go out.

I didn't get a chance to see the actual replay until a few hours after the champagne started to freeze into the ice at the Wach. Prior to having seen it, I didn't entirely understand all of the Leighton bashing comments pouring in, but after seeing it... man, pretty weak way to go out.

Game. And season. Over. [video below]

Photo by Al Bello / Getty Images

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