Video: Phillies Fans Take Over Nationals Park as Halladay Gets Final Out

Video: Phillies Fans Take Over Nationals Park as Halladay Gets Final Out
September 28, 2010, 11:15 am
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I wrote briefly about the crowd in DC last night in my game recap, but it's a topic worth mentioning again (with added video). The rain may have kept casual Nationals fans away from the ball park, but it certainly didn't keep Phillies fans from watching their team clinch their fourth straight NL East title. [video of the final out below]

From moments after the game ended:

The Citizens Bank Park faithful who missed a clinch on Sunday were bummed, and rightfully so, but if the Phils are going to clinch on the road, there aren't a whole lot of better places than in DC where Phillies fans outnumbered Nats fans by a ridiculous proportion on this evening. Before the game, someone in the press box joked it was 10,000 Fightins' fans to about 40 Nats' fans, but seriously, it had to be in the vicinity of 4 to 1.

Perhaps best illustrating the awesome nature of the Phillies fans who made the trip to Nationals Park on Monday night was the fact that hundreds of them brought their own rally towels. The "Let's Go Phillies" chants were not just minor annoyances in isolated sections, but rather a full-on stadium chant.

I actually blew up a high resolution image of the above photo to see how many Nationals fans there are in the shot, and by my count, there are three people wearing a visible article of Nationals' gear. You can click it to enlarge a bit.

I can't think of a more unique absolute takeover of another team's ball park with such a great end result. Well done, Phillies fans.

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