Villanova Cordially Invites You to a Wine-and-Cheese With LSU

Villanova Cordially Invites You to a Wine-and-Cheese With LSU
February 7, 2007, 6:51 am
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This guest post comes to us from Villanova alum Carl Patrizio, who witnessed the dramatic action from last night's 'Nova-LSU game in person.

The Villanova Wildcats have never been known to be a “Philly” team.  Ok, sure, they reside in Philly and contribute to Philly’s well-respected college hoops scene.  But let’s just say that Nova has never been known to have that gritty blue-collar spirit.  The AP article from this game described the crowd as “wine-and-cheese.” That might not exactly warm up to the folks on Pattison Ave.

Last night, however, with the Cats down 64-49 and 2:59 left in the game, Malcolm Grant decided to show Philly why they might enjoy this team for the next few months.  His 13 points in the last three minutes of play along with a strong penetrating move to the hoop on the game’s final sequence vaulted Nova to a scrappy, unfathomable comeback win that certainly wasn’t wine-and-cheese.

(Update: Our readers are awesome. Within minutes of this post going up, we get the above video of the last shot and ensuing pandemonium from the crowd. More on this, Malcom Grant's sensual encore weekend, and a link to the video highlights, after the jump.)

Nova spent most of the game uncharacteristically driving the ball to
the basket and repeatedly getting stuffed. LSU had 14 blocks on an
evening that felt like Nova was simply overmatched by LSU’s
athleticism.  Jay Wright’s gritty gameplan was getting very stale by
the second half, when nova was down 16 points with ten minutes left in
the game and had only attempted a measly three jumpers from beyond the

Hidden in the box score, however, is that when LSU’s 6-11 power forward
Anthony Randolph fouled out with four minutes to go, everything opened
up.  Pick and rolls started working, shots started falling, and the
comeback was on.  It was the freshman Grant’s coming out party in those
last three minutes, but it probably doesn’t happen if Randolph stays in
the game.

A little undercover research this morning found a message on Malcolm
Grant’s whiteboard outside his dorm room : “Malcom – wear a condom.
Love, the ass you’ll be getting this weekend.”

Regardless of wine, cheese, or the color of your collar, I think that little notice would make any Philadelphian happy.


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