Villanova Holds Durant in Check

Villanova Holds Durant in Check
January 22, 2007, 4:01 am
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If I hadn't read all of the hype about Kevin Durant prior to watching Villanova beat Texas on Saturday, I would have put him as the second or third best player on the Longhorns -- not anything remotely resembling a lottery pick.  All the credit has to go to the 'Nova big men for holding Durant in check.  They held him to 4-15 shooting and 12 points, only 1 of which was scored in the second half.  Two Longhorns who did impress were Augustin and Abrams who were lighting it up from outside.  Villanova's Scottie Reynolds also stood out as quite the playmaker.  Nova fans have to be excited about his talent.

It was tough keeping an eye on Durant from the last row of the Wachovia center.  Did anyone watch the game on CBS that saw something that impressed them about Durant that we missed?

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