Von Hayes' Boat: "Two In the First"

Von Hayes' Boat: "Two In the First"
May 27, 2008, 7:57 am
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One of the fun things to come out of yesterday's 20 run effort by the Phillies was a quick anecdote mentioned by announcer Chris Wheeler. Wheels informed the audience that former Phillies great Von Hayes has/had a boat named "Two In the First" in homage to the game on June 11th, 1985 against the Mets in which Von became the first major league baseball player to ever hit two home runs in the first inning.

Not only did Hayes have a boat named "Two In the First" but apparently it blew up at some point!??! Any faithful fans have more details on this awesome story. Watch the video clip below.

Also the boat pictured above is not actually Von Hayes' boat, obvs.

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