Water in the Forecast as Fish Try to Take Two; Thoughts On Lidge

Water in the Forecast as Fish Try to Take Two; Thoughts On Lidge
May 26, 2009, 1:50 pm
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The Weather.com outlook for this evening isn't very promising for the fans heading down to CBP for tonight's game two against the Marlins. The match up on the mound will put Joe Blanton (2-3, 7.11 ERA) up against Andrew Miller (1-1, 4.94 ERA). Blanton has kind of been in the same boat as Moyer's start yesterday wherein he has pitched okay for much of his starts but has allowed a few big pitches/innings to really derail him.

Keeping this game post short, I'd like to weigh in on the Brad Lidge chatter that has been going on lately. Some fans, including the guy sitting behind me at Yankee Stadium on Sunday, are/were calling for Ryan Madson to be moved to the closer role and Lidge moved to a set up man. I disagree.

It's May 26th and the Phillies haven't even played 50 games yet this season. Has Lidge struggled? Clearly. Aside from his issues, which I believe he can work through (or at least hope!), there's a perception problem due to Lidge being PERFECT in 2008 save opportunities. That kind of season is an anomaly. Closers blow saves, that's just part of the game of baseball. I'm not saying give the man carte blanche as a closer for the rest of the season if his struggles continue, but give the guy a while to work through it.

Try and stay dry if you're at the ball park. I'll enjoy this one on the couch.

Go Phils.

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