WATN: Donald Brashear

WATN: Donald Brashear
February 28, 2006, 10:44 am
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It was a sad day in Flyers history when Donald Brashear was released last off-season, but it almost seemed necessary at the time. The Flyers lost in the playoffs last season because they were still too big, slow, and prone to penalties; the league had gone to the burners, with obstruction calls handed out like rally towels and games won and lost on special teams.

Still, it was odd to imagine the Broad Street Bullies offspring not dressing an enforcer. I’d hoped it would be Darien Hatcher, since god knows he can’t play defense anymore, but that didn’t happen either. Earlier this season, the team re-acquired Todd Fedoruk, but he hasn’t been the same since he got his face rearranged (which wouldn’t have even happened to Brashear). After they dropped a club record 10th straight last night, I think it’s pretty clear: the Orange and Black lack punch.

Follow the link to ESPN Motion to see Donald Brashear doing what he does best against the Canadiens last night… pummeling a guy who’d scored a sweet goal against the Caps. He’s just the kind of parachute a team needs when a game starts to freefall, which the Flyers know a lot about this year.

Photo credit: REUTERS/Jim Young

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