WATN: Jerry Stackhouse Remembers Philly Fans (All Good, Of Course)

WATN: Jerry Stackhouse Remembers Philly Fans (All Good, Of Course)
February 12, 2007, 3:50 am
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Jerry Stackhouse may be remembered more for his appearance in a G. Love song than anything he ever did on the court in Philadelphia.  Hadn't thought of Stackhouse lately?  Turns out he's on the Mavericks who have a real nice team.  Stack comes off the bench for 25 or so minutes a game and puts up about 10 points per.

Anyway, why on this slow Wednesday morning am I bringing up the former Sixer?  Turns out the Mavs were in New York on Monday night to beat the Knicks, obvs, and there was some fun at half time.  New York fans are so pissed they booed a little kid singing Sinantra.  And Stack relates it to Philly, of course.

       "I heard they booed a kid at halftime," Stackhouse said, "the kid that sang the Frank Sinatra song."   


Sure enough, a 12-year-old boy was belting out "New York, New York" and
got showered with boos. Fortunately, the kid's boos weren't as loud as
those aimed at Knicks coach Isiah Thomas.


"I've been in
situations like that in Philadelphia," Stackhouse said. "You just wish
they would stay ... at home. Why come to the game to boo? You should
come to support them. In the Northeast, that's fans in general. If they
were able to turn it around and somehow go on a nice 10-game winning
streak, Isiah would be able to do no wrong.

Guy hasn't been here in like a decade and he's ragging on us.  I liked
Stackhouse better when he was a pimple faced freshman at UNC.

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