Weapon X Set to Return This Week?

Weapon X Set to Return This Week?
December 29, 2006, 8:51 am
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The Eagles are reporting that Brian Dawkins could be in the lineup to face Dallas this Sunday night. We're just glad to know he'll play at all this year, but it's great to hear it could be against Dallas. The Birds can't come out flat in that game or it'll get ugly quick, and we all know Dawk has a way of getting the team fired up. Hell I thought he was going to suit up midway through the Minnesota game when he was ripping Matt McCoy a new one for his stupid play on special teams.

Hopefully they'll bump Quintin Mikell over to SS and Sean Considine to the pine. We're a little tired of seeing Considine get run over when he lowers his shoulder, and of course getting burnt in the back of the endzone on the last play of a shoulda-won.

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