We'd Like to Welcome Back Monday

We'd Like to Welcome Back Monday
January 12, 2007, 2:08 am
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We've neglected the Monday Extras -- mostly because we now just throw random links up in the "Recently Read" list, anyone like that? -- for quite some time around these parts and a number of our "fans" have said they miss them.  One person even told me that was the only thing they actually liked about The 700 Level.  Gee, thanks.  So here you go.

A blog picks the "Top 20 Sports Blog Stories of the Year" and The 700 Level came in last!  Nicely done, senor P. [Juiced Sports Blog]

An Eagles blogger calls out Jason Whitlock for having some race issues in regards to the Andy Reid situation. [Bleeding Green]

Ryan Howard had put on a baseball clinic for kids on Saturday in Philly.  Meech.two was there working on his swing. [MLB & B&C]

I'm surprised nobody used the headline "Eagles Narrowly Avoid Thrashing" for yesterday's game. James Thrash is a beast! [Daily News]

I particularly enjoyed David Aldridge's lede to his Westbrook piece, "The play is officially called 'Fox 2 halfback right screen.'  But Eagles receiver Greg Lewis knows its real name: 'Just get the ball to Westbrook and watch him run.'" [Inqy]

In case you haven't checked out what went on here over the weekend: the Phillies re-signed J.C. Romero which is good.  Chances of getting Aaron Rowand back, not so good.  And: hockey!

"I'm not an 'inventor' but I'm an 'improver.'"  Also, Leon has been a great addition to this season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. [YouTube]

Saw the new American Gangster movie, thought it was alright.  Not great.  But the album of the same name is better.  See Jay Z on Charlie Rose. And the new video. [Stereogum]

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