WFC Scott Eyre Retires

WFC Scott Eyre Retires
January 7, 2010, 10:50 am
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According to Phillies scribe Todd Zolecki, the Phillies reliever is packing up his RV with his wife, kids, and their four dogs and riding off into the sunset. There or Wally World, we're not sure.

In all seriousness, Eyre was a vital part of the Phillies 2008 WFC run and his personality really came through during last year's run. The guy was eminently likable. His parting quotes prove the same.

From Zolecki's piece:

"Every day I think about what I'm going to miss," he said. "I'm going
to miss going to the clubhouse. Being with the Phillies, I'm going to
miss seeing Chad Durbin sitting at his locker doing the crossword
puzzle. I'm going to miss watching Brad [Lidge] read his biblical books
in his locker after batting practice, eating the biggest sandwich I've
ever seen anybody eat. I've talked to guys about it. I talked to [Jon]
Lieber about it. Basically, you miss the camaraderie with the guys. And
the Phillies' clubhouse is great. That's one of the reasons why Cliff
[Lee] didn't want to leave. It's one of the best clubhouses you could
be in. I don't care what anybody says about theirs. I've been in a few
of them. This is one of the best. I never once said, 'I don't want to
go to the field today.'"

And we're going to miss you, Mr. Eyre.

There was a chance that Eyre would be back in '10 but he and Ruben couldn't come together on a number and even if they did, Eyre seemed like he could have still hung up his cleats.

Best of luck on that road trip and future endeavors. Two kids, a wife, and four dogs in an RV sounds like quite the adventure.

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