What Is Wrong With Dave Spadaro?

What Is Wrong With Dave Spadaro?
February 1, 2006, 11:43 am
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I know what you have all been wishing, for Kendra, the Playboy Bunny blogging Eagles fan, to get back to blogging.  Well she is back after over a month hiatus, although I'm pretty sure she doesn't know what the word hiatus means.

The best part of her most recent entry:

I’ve got GREAT!!! news … ‘The Girls Next Door’ was picked up for a
second season, so I AM SO EXCITED!!! I’ll be representing Philly, so
make sure you watch. Dave Spadaro says he’s going to send out some
Eagles jerseys (I WANT an L.J. Smith jersey!) so I’ll be able to wear
my Eagles green with pride in the second season of the show. Speaking
of Dave, I’ve invited him out to the mansion and he STILL hasn’t come
out. I think he’s shy …

So, Dave, too busy hanging out in the locker room?  What's up with ignoring Kendra's invite?  Hey Kendra, I'll come hang out at the Mansion.  I'm still waiting for my invite.

She also rambles on about the class of Jerry Rice, the Eagles ineptitude (which she is over, obvs), and a Superbowl Party at the Playboy Mansion.

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