Which Current Phillies Player Used Speed?

Which Current Phillies Player Used Speed?
March 5, 2006, 9:22 am
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An interesting article in Sunday's Inquirer by Jim Salisbury talks of how a current Phillie, who remains nameless, used speed everyday:

"Speed," said the current Phillie, who asked not to be named, for
fear of tarnishing his reputation. "It's bad for your cardio. It's
unhealthy. But I did it."

He did it every day for the last few seasons, and so, he estimated, did half the position players in the big leagues.

For decades, Major League Baseball, like other sports, turned a
blind eye to illegal amphetamine use. Greenies were as much a part of
the game as pine tar, rosin, and the 162-game grind.

Not anymore.

With stricter steroid testing in the MLB, the rampant use of speed has declined.  I'd like to try and figure out who the player talked about in the Inqy actually is.  The article mentions that the player had used speed everyday for several years so it is likely a veteran player.  I'm also assuming from the article it is a position player.  Players fitting that criteria: Bell, Lieberthal, Burrell, Abreu, JRoll, Fasano, Gonzalez, Tomas, Rowand.  From the well articulated quotes in English in the article along with the fact that his play is rather nonchalant, I think you can cross off Abreu.  David Bell grew up around major league baseball, so he could be a likely candidate.

Anyone have any insight on the matter?

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