Win Or Go Golfing

Win Or Go Golfing
December 6, 2006, 7:06 am
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What to read while seriously pondering getting cremated instead.

  • Cole Hamels doesn't want to pitch in the pen.  Ever.  Kind of a whiny and a bit selfish. [Inqy]
  • Cholly on how loose the team seems to be in the face of elimination, "But I expect our guys to come out tomorrow and be loose and have fun
    and take it to 'em.  I think that's how we've got to look
    at it . . . We might as well put forth the effort to win the game, as
    far as being relaxed and playing our kind of game. As long as we do
    that, it'll take care of itself."
  • Beerleaguer says tonight's game is simple, "score more runs." [Beerleaguer]
  • I think the "mile high challenge" bit and the Phillies face a "Rockies road" have been played out.
  • I feel alright with Jamie Moyer on the mound.  Moyer on taking the ball,  "There's not a better place to be.  'That's why
    I'm here, and I would hope that's why all my teammates are here, too.
    From a pitcher's aspect, I would hope they want the ball.

    ''This is what you dream about, what you play for, and it's exciting.
    And you know, all the work that you do in the offseason, all the work
    that you do early in the day before the game starts, all the
    preparation as far as the mental side of things, the scouting reports
    that you get, this is what it's all about.''

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