Wing Bowl No Longer Free

Wing Bowl No Longer Free
December 16, 2004, 1:23 pm
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Wing Bowl 14 will be the first installment of the wing eating competition which will require you drunken fools to purchase a ticket to attend the event.  I think this is a good idea given the fact that the proceeds are to go to charity and you won't have Joe Drunk showing up at 2 a.m. and not being allowed in only to start rioting and then puking all over the security guards.  Angelo was hyping up some announcement he is supposed to make at 7 a.m. on Monday.  The Early line in Vegas has The Black Widow Sonya Thomas at 2-1.


Changes are in store for the next Wing Bowl, the annual wing-eating pageant run by WIP-AM (610). Among them: Attendees will have to buy a nominally priced ticket for Feb. 3's bacchanal at the Wachovia Center. The Wing Bowl hitherto was free. Morning-show host Angelo Cataldi, promising more details at 7 a.m. tomorrow, says proceeds will go to charity. Ticketing is in order. The first event attracted 150 curiosity seekers to a hotel lobby in 1993. The 2005 Wing Bowl, held amid Eagles Super Bowl fever, drew an overflow crowd that swamped the Wachovia Center's parking lot well before sunrise.

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