Yahoo! Answers: The Authority on NBA Centers; Sixers Win

Yahoo! Answers: The Authority on NBA Centers; Sixers Win
March 18, 2011, 8:38 pm
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If you've ever been to, you may already be familiar with the NBA Elo Player Rater. Described as "a community-based project with the goal of rating the best players in NBA history," each visit to this site produces two randomly generated names that meet a certain criteria, and puts their most pertinent statistics side-by-side. The reader chooses who is better, the results counting toward ranking... well, everybody I suppose.

Or you could just ask some people on Yahoo! Answers.

While Samuel Dalembert gets the majority of the votes, his Sacramento Kings were throttled by the 76ers on Friday night, 102-80. Seriously, the reserves got some good minutes.

As for the question, Dalmebert is a great defensive player with natural athletic ability that Spencer Hawes frankly will never have. However, as somebody who was not thrilled with the trade when it was made, I must say while it is tempting to imagine Sammy in a Sixers uniform right now, I'm not entirely sure he "fits."

Or as one responder put it, "That's like asking which one is better, A paper cut or bee sting."

Resolved question.

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