Yo Philly, I Did It!

Yo Philly, I Did It!
January 19, 2007, 6:14 am
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Okay, so I didn't personally do it, but over 15,000 people decided to go out for nice little run yesterday; some of them didn't stop for 26.2 miles.  When they finished, they received these nifty little shiny blankets that say, "Yo Philly, I Did It!"

26.2 miles for a tee shirt and a pretzel... these people are nuts.

The city of Philadelphia had the entire spectrum of sport covered on Sunday.  While throngs of fans -- likely overweight -- drank their beer and ate their extravagant tailgate food at the Linc yesterday in preparation of the Eagles/Dolphins game, a different set of people -- with less body fat than Terrell Owens -- filled the streets and were putting their physical conditioning to the test in the 14th annual Philadelphia Marathon.

I hunkered down in Manayunk to watch the runners pass the 20 mile mark.  It's amazing the spirits some of these people have after running 20 miles.  I hate the world after walking a couple city blocks.

It was a chilly day for the spectators, but the colder weather was likely a good thing for the marathoners.  Apparently, besides people handing out cups of water and orange slices, there was a group of fans in the 'Yunk handing out cups of beer.  My sources tell me a number of runners chose to partake in a nice adult beverage on their way to 26.2.

Congrats to Kristin who absolutely kicked ass in her first marathon, beating Katie Holmes' NYC marathon time by over an hour and 20 minutes.

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