You Can't Change Allen Iverson

You Can't Change Allen Iverson
January 6, 2006, 2:52 pm
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Today's NYTimes
looks at how Allen Iverson, despite cleaning up his outward appearance, is still as outspoken as ever.  The article takes a look at David Stern's attempt at creating a "new golden era" of NBA hoops.

But Iverson said that Stern’s new rules, most notably the dress code,
had not changed him. “Everybody knows that Allen Iverson don’t dress
like that when he’s not coming to a basketball game,” he said. “You’re
not making Allen Iverson any different, because they know he’s doing
what his employers are telling him to.”

For the most part it's a solid article.  Despite Iverson and Stern coming from different worlds, I think they've come to respect what each other is trying to do.  A.I. was also named player of the week today after leading the Sixers to a surprising 3-0 start.

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