You Could Make Ryan Howard's Bats for 2 Million

You Could Make Ryan Howard's Bats for 2 Million
January 24, 2006, 1:12 pm
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So this only loosely pertains to Ryan Howard, but the company from which he gets his bats is up for sale and it's quite the interesting story.  The man who started the company put it up for sale on ebay for $3.5 million.  Nobody bid on it, but it is expected to sell for somewhere over $2 million before Christmas.

When Holman parcels out his lumber for bats, he ostensibly does it
by looking at a player’s statistics. Bonds’s bats are made with the top
wood, followed by three other sluggers — Pujols, Soriano and Howard.

is not that other players get inferior wood, but the best players get
the best. In fact, Holman said someone would have to offer him $1,000
to dream of getting a bat made from the wood he uses for Bonds’s bats.

After reading the article, I feel like someone needs to inform Sam Holman, the bat maker, that Ryan Howard should now get the very best wood earth can create.  Bonds is no longer worthy of such maple.

>>Bat maker wants to sell company on his terms [NYTimes]

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