Your Newest Daily News Sports Columnist: Former MayorGov. Ed Rendell

Your Newest Daily News Sports Columnist: Former MayorGov. Ed Rendell
January 31, 2011, 7:38 am
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From an email to Daily News employees from new editor Larry Platt:

Speaking of loud voices, I also want to welcome our new sports columnist, none other than Ed Rendell. Some fifteen years ago, I sat with Rendell in the mayor’s box at Veterans Stadium while the Eagles waged a furious on-field comeback.

He stood up, hoagie innards spewing from his mouth, while he pounded the plexiglas separating his box from that of new owner Jeffrey Lurie, trying to get Lurie and his nonplussed guests to join him in full-throated cheer. Lurie placidly kept his eyes glued to the field. Finally, waving in disgust, Rendell returned to his seat, saying, “This is the football box; that’s the quiche-eaters’ box.” As we know, none of that passion has waned in the intervening years. I look forward to our Fan-In-Chief surprising and amusing us in print every week, starting this Wednesday.

If only this meant less of the Guv on Eagles post games.

Rendell's passion for Philly sports is undeniable, but his opinions and manner in which he delivers them have become a bit tired to most hard core sports fans in this city. His handling of the postponement of the Eagles-Vikings game due to snow by calling all of America a bunch of wussies was particularly annoying.

I wouldn't expect him to tone down his opinions from outrageous to reasonable in print form. That wouldn't sell papers.

At least he won't have to drive to the Daily News' offices.

You can read the entire email from Platt to the Daily News staff here. (via @dhm)

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