Still Want to See Temple in a Bowl Game? Root Against These 34 Teams

Still Want to See Temple in a Bowl Game? Root Against These 34 Teams

After Temple lost to Cincinnati last weekend, and announced this past Tuesday that it would not be scheduling a 12th opponent this season, all hope officially ended for the Owls to get bowl eligible for the fourth season in a row.

But is there a chance they could still play in a bowl game? The answer is yes — a very slim one — so long as Temple wins both of its remaining games and enough of the teams below fail to get to six wins.

You can read all the details as to why it's possible for the Owls to get in a bowl game in the following dashed-off section, or you can ignore all of it and skip ahead to the list of teams you'll need to root against.


To get bowl eligible, teams need to finish at least 6-6 or, if there aren't enough who did, finish 5-7 and have a Top 5 academic progress rating. None of the schools who have a Top 5 rating -- Northwestern, Duke, Boise State, Ohio State and Northern Illinois -- can or will need to exercise that option.

That means, if 70 teams fail to reach .500, the NCAA will have to begin selecting teams with losing records. And if Temple can win its next two games to get to 5-6, it would have a slightly better record than all those other 5-7 teams that would be left.

Regardless, for Temple to play in a bowl, it has to win out and hope that there are not enough bowl eligible teams to fill all 70 slots.

There are 124 total FBS teams counting the four "in transition." At present, 56 teams of the necessary 70 are eligible. Three teams -- Penn State, Ohio State and North Carolina -- are sanctioned from participating in a bowl game. Twenty-nine teams, excluding Temple, are ineligible given their record and one other (Texas-San Antonio) due to its schedule.

That leaves 34 teams who could still qualify for the final 13 spots.

Why only 13 spots if only 56 teams are eligible? Because two 5-5 teams will play each other this weekend, guaranteeing one will win.


Alright, so who do you need to root against? There are 14 teams who, with a win this weekend, will become eligible.

UPDATES: I'll be updating this throughout the day. If a team gets eligible, I'll bold the name, update its record, and adjust the totals below. If a team loses, I'll strikethrough its name and do likewise. Totals as of 1:24 a.m.:

Total bowl spots filled: 63
Total remaining: 7
Teams still in play: 15

One of the two games mentioned above — in the section you probably skipped — between 5-5 teams (Syracuse vs. Missouri and West Virginia vs. Iowa St.) takes place this weekend. So you can root against one of these two if you like, but this game is off the board:

Syracuse (6-5) 31, Missouri (5-5) 27

Next on the list in 5-4 teams who still have three games remaining.

West Virginia (5-5) 49, No. 12 Oklahoma 50
Louisiana-Lafayette (6-4) 31, Western Kentucky 27

Next, the 5-5 teams with two games remaining:

Iowa State (6-5) 51, Kansas 23
Wake Forest (5-6) 0, No. 3 Notre Dame 38
Miami (FL) (6-5) 40, South Florida 9
Georgia Tech (6-5) 42, Duke 24
Michigan State (5-6) 20, Northwestern 23
SMU (5-6) 14 at Rice, 36
Air Force (6-5) 21, Hawaii 7
Arizona State (6-5) 46, Washington State 7
Ole Miss (5-5) 41, No. 7 LSU 35
Troy (5-6) 34, Arkansas State 41

Finally, there are the 13 other teams who could still become eligible if they win all their remaining games:

Baylor (5-5)
Virginia Tech (5-6)
Connecticut (4-6)
Pittsburgh (4-6)
Purdue (5-6)
Marshall (5-6)
Rice (5-6)
Central Michigan (5-6)

Teams who lost and can no longer become eligible:

Virginia (4-7)
Maryland (4-7)
Iowa (4-7)
Indiana (4-7)
Arkansas (4-7)
Houston (4-7)
Miami (OH) (4-7)
Tennessee (4-7)
Utah (4-7)
North Texas (4-7)
South Florida (3-7)
Texas State (3-7)

Once again, all this has to break right in addition to Temple winning its final two games.

Did Corey Davis reveal he wants to be drafted by Eagles?

Did Corey Davis reveal he wants to be drafted by Eagles?

We finally know who the Eagles will select this Thursday in the first round of the 2017 NFL draft.

No need to tune into the draft broadcast, or even visit the Benjamin Franklin Parkway to partake in all of the festivities. Just look at Corey Davis' Twitter feed:

Done deal. Get him a cheesesteak and a midnight green uniform.

But in all seriousness, Davis made an appearance Monday on ESPN and retweeted this tweet to Trey Wingo.

Davis would certainly make an immediate impact on the Eagles' offense. He would join a receiving corps already bolstered in free agency with the additions of Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith.

But the Western Michigan product might not be on the board at the 14th overall pick, and the Eagles could look elsewhere on Thursday night.

The700Level's Andrew Kulp wrote about Davis at length here.

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Place Your Bets: NFL draft first-round odds

Place Your Bets: NFL draft first-round odds

So, you think you know where every player will be selected in the first round of the 2017 NFL draft?

Well, here are some odds, courtesy of Bovada, to help you gauge your early predictions for the draft in Philly this week.

Christian McCaffrey, RB, Stanford
We start with McCaffrey, probably the most talked about prospect in Philadelphia entering the first round on Thursday.

Eagles tight end Zach Ertz compared McCaffrey to Darren Sproles. Stanford head coach David Shaw thinks not only would McCaffrey be a good fit in the Eagles' offense, but would also be a great fit in the city of Philadelphia.

Bovada has 2/3 odds of McCaffrey being selected over the 9.5 pick, and has 11/10 odds of him being selected under the 9.5 pick.'s Dave Zangaro has McCaffrey being selected at No. 15 overall by the Indianapolis Colts -- the pick after the Eagles, who are slotted at No. 14 -- in his mock draft.

Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU
Fournette has consistently been in the top 10, or sometimes even the top five, of mock drafts.

Many teams covet Fournette for his combination of strength and speed. The LSU product is 6-foot, 240 pounds and ran a 4.51 40-yard dash at the NFL scouting combine.

Bovada has 2/3 odds of Fournette getting selected over the fourth pick and 11/10 odds of him getting drafted after the fourth pick.

How many RBs/WRs will be selected in first round?
Since Bovada has the same odds for the number of running backs and wide receivers going in the first round, we combined the two.

If you're living under a rock and haven't been following NFL mock drafts since the season ended, there have been three running backs and wide receivers consistently selected in the first round -- WR Mike Williams, WR Corey Davis, WR John Ross, RB Dalvin Cook, RB McCaffrey and RB Fournette.

Here are the identical odds for both position groups:

Over 2.5 with 1/5 odds.
Under 2.5 with 3/1 odds.

How many defensive players will be selected in first round?
This one can get tricky, because you'll have to bank on a few teams getting desperate and drafting some quarterbacks to hit the under.

Over 18.5 with 1/1 odds.
Under 18.5 with 5/7 odds.

How many Alabama players will be selected in first round?
Alabama is the gold standard for NFL players. Every year, the university churns out first-round talent on the opening night of the draft.

In Zangaro's afformentioned mock draft, he has five Alabama players being selected.

Here are the odds:

Over 4.5 with 11/10 odds.
Under 4.5 with 2/3 odds.