Jeremy Roenick on Claude Giroux: 'He lets everything get into his mind'

Jeremy Roenick on Claude Giroux: 'He lets everything get into his mind'

Back in early April at Flyers cleanout day, Claude Giroux was asked about outside criticism.

He said none of it fazed him much — essentially in one ear, out the other.

"I'm probably the toughest person to judge myself," Giroux said then. "I'm really hard on myself. What you guys write and say, it doesn't really bother me."

Jeremy Roenick isn't so sure about that.

The former Flyers center and current NBC hockey analyst had a message for Giroux on Friday. Roenick made clear how much he admires and enjoys the Flyers' captain. His words actually came across as more caring and supportive than critical and demeaning.

"I'm going to be looking at one of my favorite players in the league and a guy who I really respect and love, and that's Claude Giroux," Roenick said, addressing the state of the Flyers on CSN's Philly Sports Talk.

"He's a stud. He's a stud."

But …

"The reason why Claude Giroux doesn't get success is [because] he lets everything get into his mind and he looks for other things to blame it on," Roenick said. "Claude Giroux can play this game and he can play it at a high, hard level. He's just got to get back into the inside of the game, start attacking the game and not worrying about what the media or the fans are saying about Claude Giroux, period. Because he is a world-class player that can make a difference, and that's why he has the 'C' on his chest."

As we all know, the Flyers are coming off their third postseason absence in the last five seasons. Prior to that, the organization had missed the playoffs just twice over its previous 18 seasons. 

In 2016-17, Giroux, who will turn 30 next year, posted a career low in goals for a full season (14) and a fourth straight drop-off in points (58). As tough as they come, Giroux played all 82 games but didn't look 100 percent healthy for much of the season. He's the type of player to never admit an injury or playing while hurt, but he even opened up a bit about the difficulties of last season.

"When you try to do something and you can't do it; your mind wants to do something but your body doesn't do it, it's frustrating," he said in April.

"But you've got to keep working on your game, get stronger and faster. I'm very excited to have a whole summer to work out and really do what I want to do."

That's what Roenick would love to see from Giroux next season.

"You win and you lose with your best player," he said.

So Roenick left Giroux with this.

"If I was sitting in front of Claude Giroux right here today, I would say, 'You need to make amends and you need to have a bounce-back season and show everybody why you have been one of the better players over the last five years and last year was just a bad-luck situation,'" he said. "This team is going to run on Claude Giroux, Wayne Simmonds and Jake Voracek.

"If Claude is watching right now, I love you to death, put it back together, show everybody why you're one of the best competitors in the game and get back up into that top-scoring aspect. And don't worry about slumps and don't worry about what people think of you, just be Claude Giroux. And if he does that, this team is going to prosper."

Claude Giroux kills a flying drone with a nasty shot

Claude Giroux kills a flying drone with a nasty shot

With Cherry Hill’s Bobby Ryan in the Eastern Conference Finals, let’s remember the time he killed drones with Claude Giroux.

Current Flyers Captain Giroux teamed up with Future Flyer Ryan for this nifty little shooting video last year.

To be honest, it's mostly unremarkable until they bring out the flying drone.

At first, you see G and Bobby do some regular old shooting pratice on a rather lackluster-looking rink.

Things finally get exciting when they attempt to snipe a drone out of the sky. Giroux nails it pretty good and sends the drone into a tizzy like a Stevens-on-Lindros hit.

Claude Giroux punched by his Flyers teammate during worlds

Claude Giroux punched by his Flyers teammate during worlds

Different jersey, all bets are off.

The 2017 IIHF World Championships are underway and things got heated between Flyers teammates Radko Gudas, playing for the Czech Republic, and Claude Giroux, the captain of Team Canada.

Less than 10 minutes into the first game of the tournament for either team, as part of a larger scrap between the teams, Gudas unleashed a vicious, no-look, punch to Giroux that dropped the Flyers' captain with one punch.

Ouch. You can see Giroux in the background getting helped by a linesman after taking the hit. Each of them ended up with two-minute minors after this scrap.

It’ll be interesting to hear after the game from both players about what happened during this play.