Mike Trout responds to Chris Christie's comments about Philly fans

Mike Trout responds to Chris Christie's comments about Philly fans

Earlier this week, Chris Christie took it upon himself to call out the entire city of Philadelphia as well as the Phillies. Christie went on to say how the Phillies have an "angry, bitter fan base" and that Philadelphia is filled with "awful, angry people."

A day later, Phillies legend Larry Bowa fired back at Christie with a few jabs of his own, even inviting the New Jersey governer to "come down here and take a few ground balls."

It now seems like Mike Trout has taken offense to Christie's comments as well. Trout, who is from Millville, New Jersey, and bleeds Eagles green, was asked about the New Jersey governer's comments Saturday at a press conference.

"As an Eagles fan, we're passionate about the team and we want them to win and to do good," Trout said, per Jerry Crasnick of ESPN. "In sports in general, [Phillies fans] love their teams."

In typical Philadelphia fashion, Trout couldn't help but take a dig at Christie for his Cowboys fandom.

"I think he's a Cowboys fan, right?" Trout said of Christie. "I was sorry to hear that."

Joel Embiid and Dario Saric sure seem to be enjoying ASG weekend in NOLA

Joel Embiid and Dario Saric sure seem to be enjoying ASG weekend in NOLA

Dario Saric and Joel Embiid sure seem to be enjoying their first experience at NBA All-Star weekend down in New Orleans.

Saric is scheduled to participate in the Rising Star Challenge this evening while Embiid will be sidelined due to his various injuries. But they have both done their share of media rounds and seem to be enjoying themselves.

JoJo even has his own Embeads!

That's how you party.

Embiid sat down with Lang Whitaker and Sekou Smith and talked about his love of Twitter (which he is a total boss at btw).

"I like reading what people write about me especially when they write bad stuff about me or about my game. When they say that I can't do this, I want to go out on the court the next game and do it. I want to be a complete player. I want to end up being a point guard later in my career."

As for his off-the-court exploits?

"I'm a fun guy and I want to have fun," Embiid said.

Embiid also talked to Rick Fox and was asked about his fun weekend plans.

"I kind of got in trouble for taking my shirt off at the Meek Mill concert, so we'll see," Embiid said.

Embiid also sat down with NBA legend Kevin Garnett and talked about whether he felt he got snubbed for the All-Star game.

"I think I was snubbed," Embiid said. "I think I got a lot of years in this League so I think I'm going to have a chance to make it."

As for Dario? A fun fact about him that we learned is that he likes to order his drinks at Starbucks under the name "Marcus."

Embiid also has some fun with Dario and interupts him mid-interview to ask him if he can speak English. Oh, guys.

Alshon Jeffery to the Eagles? The odds aren't in their favor

Alshon Jeffery to the Eagles? The odds aren't in their favor

The Eagles are going to add a productive, veteran wide receiver in free agency, or at least they should — they need to. Yet if you're expecting the organization to make a big splash and sign Bears wideout Alshon Jeffery, you may not want to get your hopes up.

While an earlier report did loosely connect the Eagles to Jeffery, who's widely considered the best receiver headed to the market, the odds aren't in the club's favor. One prop bet set by BookMaker.eu has the 2013 Pro Bowler at 3/2 to return to Chicago, the overwhelming favorite among the teams believed to be in the hunt.

The Eagles come in with the next best odds at landing Jeffery, but by a wide margin: 9/1. The full list can be seen below.

Alshon Jeffery team in Week 1 of 2017-18 regular season

Chicago Bears +150
Philadelphia Eagles +900
San Francisco 49ers +1400
Tennessee Titans +1500
Miami Dolphins +2000
Baltimore Ravens +2500
Field -105

As you can see, the best odds are still on Jeffery to wind up anywhere but the Bears, so that may provide some solace to Eagles fans who choose to remain hopeful. Then again, the field is only a slim favorite here, which speaks to strong confidence in Chicago retaining.

That means the Eagles could be left to choose from a number of slightly lesser receivers in free agency, albeit there are some quality players heading to the market. Although, once people start to hear what some of those guys could cost — a deeper look into that here — that may only increase the clamoring for Jeffery.

The Eagles will no doubt look into Jeffery when free agency opens this March, but the odds seem to signal the Bears may not be willing to be outbid on a homegrown talent and arguably their only legitimate star.