Carson Wentz and Jeremiah Trotter will make appearances at the NFL draft in Philly

Carson Wentz and Jeremiah Trotter will make appearances at the NFL draft in Philly

The 2017 NFL draft is just over a week away from taking over Philadelphia.

Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz and former Eagles linebacker Jeremiah Trotter will also make appearances at the draft. Wentz will make an appearance on Thursday, while Trotter will be there on Friday.

The Eagles hold the No. 14 overall pick and have a number of directions they can go with their selection (see story.)

The NFL draft can move slowly at times, but there will be plenty of attractions and games to keep Eagles fans occupied at the Benjamin Franklin Parkway until they're on the clock. Some of these games include running routes against NFL players or spinning the ball like Tom Brady by throwing Hail Mary's into a drop-in net.

Here's a full list of the games below:

* Zip to the Future presented by Oikos Triple Zero – Fly over NFL Draft Experience on a 100-yard zip line. Reservations will be made available to use the zip line via Fan Mobile Pass.

* Combine Corner – Fans will be able to race against NFL players and test their route running abilities at the Combine Corner.

* Vertical Jump: Fans will be able to participate in the same workout players do at the NFL Scouting Combine.

* 40-Yard Dash: Digital NFL players will line up alongside fans on a 40-yard long LED wall, as fans can compete in a realistic 40-yard dash.

* Hail Mary – Test your long-distance accuracy by throwing a deep pass over defenders into a drop-in net.

* Oikos Triple Zero Field Goal Kick – Attendees will be able to test their ability to kick a field goal through NFL uprights.

* Touch Pass – Master one of the most difficult throws for an NFL quarterback by throwing the ball on an arc over a defensive player and into a net.

* NFL Virtual Reality – Fans will be able to experience NFL games using virtual reality technology.

And here's a list of the attractions at the draft:

* NFL Draft Set – Visit the official NFL Draft set from Thursday to Saturday and see the view from behind the podium.

* ESPN Set – Check out SportsCenter LIVE from NFL Draft Experience.

* NFL Network Desk presented by Ford F-Series – Take your seat behind the NFL Network Total Access desk and break down the game.

* NFL Draft Experience Tailgate – Enjoy selections from some of Philadelphia’s best restaurants in a “taste of the town” tailgate.

* NFL Museum (Pro Football Hall of Fame display area) – This exhibit features historical Hall of Fame memorabilia, a full collection of 50 Super Bowl rings, Conference Championship trophies, and a chance to create your own digital Hall of Fame bronze bust.

* NFL Auction Prizes and Giveaways – Located in the NFL Museum, stop by for cool giveaways and chances to win unique NFL instant prizes for registered fans. View game worn and signed memorabilia available only on the NFL Auction website, and learn about the charities and foundations that the NFL and NFL Auction support.

* Vince Lombardi Trophy – Fans will be able to take a photo with the Super Bowl trophy.

* AFC & NFC Locker Rooms – Visit a replica NFL locker room as it appears on gameday. Experience the sights of an NFL pregame with sleek transparent LCDs.

* College Football Corner – Fans can view College Football Hall of Fame memorabilia from former first-round draft picks and Eagles legends and cheer on draft prospects. There will also be life-size player mannequins.

New Eagles WR Mack Hollins bringing his snakes with him to Philly

New Eagles WR Mack Hollins bringing his snakes with him to Philly

When Eagles' fourth-round pick Mack Hollins drives up to Philadelphia from his hometown Rockville, Maryland, he's going to have two companions. 

His snakes. 

Hollins, the UNC receiver, is a big fan of exotic animals. His two snakes — a ball python and a sunglow boa — were sitting by him as he spoke on a conference call with Philly reporters on Saturday afternoon. 

According to his bio at North Carolina, Hollins' dream job is to one day own a "world-renowned aquarium." 

"I actually have both my snakes here now," Hollins said. "I've had turtles. I was going to get an alligator at school, but my roommates weren't really all for it. My dad had a lion growing up, so we've had it all."

A lion? 

Where do you keep a lion? 

"His dad had it in a big cage in his yard," Hollins answered. "I guess in Ohio, the permits aren't as difficult to get exotic animals. Might be where I get mine from. I don't know how Philly will feel about some of the exotic animals, but I might have to get a couple."

For now, though, Hollins is sticking with his snakes. And he plans on driving them to Philly. 

"It's nothing but an hour drive," he said. "I'll put them in a car and load them up. I might come with nothing but the snakes."

Philly skyscraper lights up with team logos on entire building for NFL draft

Philly skyscraper lights up with team logos on entire building for NFL draft

The NFL and the city of Philadelphia have really put on a spectacle for the thousands and thousands of fans who descended on the Ben Franklin Parkway over the past few days.

But you don't have to be in front of the Art Museum exactly to see the NFL's influence on the city. All you have to do is drive down Interstate 76 through Center City at night while the draft is going on and you can't miss which team is on the clock.

That's because the entire side of the Cira Centre building that is connected to 30th Street Station lights up with the logo of whichever team is on the clock.

You can see our above video which features the Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills, and Pittsburgh Steelers. No confirmation to the reports that birds flying over excessively pooped on the building when the Dallas Cowboys' star lit it up.

The Eagles shared a pretty nice shot of their logo lighting up the building as well.

It's just another nice touch to what has been a wonderful event so far for the city of Philadelphia.