Embiid posts photo with Fultz, who already trusts the process

Embiid posts photo with Fultz, who already trusts the process

The Process appeared to reach its next stage on Saturday evening.

Markelle Fultz worked out with the Sixers on Saturday amid reports that the Sixers are close to trading up to the No. 1 pick in order to select him. 

As he worked out at the Sixers' practice facility in Camden, looking on were multiple potential future teammates, namely Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and Robert Covington. After practice, the trio spoke with Fultz before posing for a photo which sent the internet into a frenzy.

On Instagram, Fultz showed that he's already on board, commenting on Embiid's post with the customary response: "Trust the process."


Sports Illustrated thought of the foursome as a potential band, prompting some interesting responses.

If the Sixers do end up trading up and selecting Fultz, that group alongside Dario Saric could be lethal on the court. And if they're anything like the current crop of NBA stars, a turn behind a microphone isn't out of the question!

Joel Embiid watched draft with fans at XFINITY Live!, signed Sam Hinkie banner

Joel Embiid watched draft with fans at XFINITY Live!, signed Sam Hinkie banner

Joel Embiid is a man of the people.

Jojo took time away from tweeting about the Sixers' newest death squad's nickname and throwing shade at Lonzo Ball to make an appearnce at XFINITY Live! in the South Philadelphia sports complex.

They were hosting an NBA draft party.

Not only did Embiid make an appearance shortly after the Sixers selected Markelle Fultz, he also apparently signed the Sam Hinkie banner that was raised to the rafters at the lottery party last month.

XFINITY Live!'s Twitter account shared the following images and videos:

Brett Brown texted Sam Hinkie ‘basically saying thank you’

Brett Brown texted Sam Hinkie ‘basically saying thank you’

Longtime followers of The Process are well aware that Thursday night was a tag team effort.

Sam Hinkie put the Sixers in the position -- via a plethora of assets acquired during his tenure -- to allow Bryan Colangelo to deal with the Celtics for the No. 1 overall pick that turned into Markelle Fultz.

It's always a little strange hearing current employees give praise to former employees, but if anyone can do it well, it's head coach Brett Brown.

Brett was asked what his conversations with Sam have been since the draft lottery when the #PICKSWAP with Sacramento was executed.

"Just a random text basically saying 'thank you,'" Brown said. "I think organizationally we really haven't missed a beat. The volume of phone calls that I've been on in my four years, they're like every Monday you're on a conference call with the owners. We've tried to be so meticulously responsible in growing this patiently. Sam was excelent at what he did. I think Bryan [Colangelo] took that work and brought it forward. You can't help but go back and recognize how we arrived at the picks we had this year. I think you have to step back and really acknowledge the great work that Bryan did getting it over the line."

"You can't dismiss the position of the club and Sam helped us to get to this level."


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