Fan takes shot at Connor McDavid; Brandon Manning fights Patrick Maroon

Fan takes shot at Connor McDavid; Brandon Manning fights Patrick Maroon

Lots of entertainment in Edmonton, Alberta, on Thursday night.

All thanks to the Brandon Manning-Connor McDavid feud. Can you believe these two have a little rivalry?

Anyway ... first, we take a look at this jersey. Courtesy of Dusten Braaksma from ...

Pretty cold-blooded. We assume this is a Flyers fan (not sure where the gentleman was). Regardless, this guy took things to a new level. If you don't know, McDavid broke his collarbone last season when he lost his footing and crashed into the back boards with Manning right behind in pursuit, slamming on top of the 2015 No. 1 overall pick. McDavid, the generational talent, ended up missing 37 games because of the injury and Manning took a lot of heat for it, resulting in a drama-filled night at the Wells Fargo Center this past December.

For more on that, click here.

On Thursday night, Manning returned to Edmonton, Alberta, for the first time since the play.

And, as expected, there was plenty of tension and Manning answered the Oilers' call by dropping the gloves with Patrick Maroon during the second period.

“It didn’t bother me,” Manning said postgame after the Flyers' 6-3 loss. “I’m not scared of fighting. It’s just a matter of time. I picked my spot. I wasn’t too worried.” 

It was a good matchup. Stick tap to Manning for accepting the challenge. Watch the fight in the video above.

And here's a great picture, courtesy of USA Today Images.

Joel Embiid is the Joel Embiid of trash talking

Joel Embiid is the Joel Embiid of trash talking

Joel Embiid was back in the gym on Wednesday afternoon after enjoying his All-Star break down in New Orleans and appears like he's ready to get back out on the court this weekend.

“I hope that they’re going let me play,” Embiid said after practice on Wednesday. “I feel great. I want to play. If it was my decision, I’d be playing.”

The team doctor's aren't so sure. Joel is currently listed as doubtful for both of the Sixers games this weekend.

But that didn't stop JoJo from talking some smack with one of his favorite teammates, Dario Saric, while battling in a little one-on-one after practice.

Embiid was seen by reporters using some colorful language directed in Saric's direction, screaming "you can't ****-ing guard me!" while the two went at it.

The chatter didn't stop there. Embiid was later asked about the one-on-one and unleashed a little more on Dario.

"He don't like playing me," Embiid said. "He never wins and he doesn't handle me talking trash to him. I would love to play against him all the time because that gives me a lot of confidence beating him every day."

"It's fun playing against him. We both like to compete."

"That's my guy," he added.

And Sixers fans love them both. Let's just hope to see more of them teaming up in actual games soon.

1992 interview between Donald Trump and Randall Cunningham surfaces

1992 interview between Donald Trump and Randall Cunningham surfaces

Philadelphia Magazine's Dan McQuade unearthed a YouTube video of a 1992 interview former Eagles quarterback Randall Cunningham did with real estate tycoon Donald Trump from his short-lived interview special titled Randall Cunningham’s Celebrity Rap.

Apparently, it was a show on WCAU where Cunningham sat down with random celebrities. As McQuade points out, it is pretty weird.

And one of those celebrities just so happened to go on to become president of the United States.

There isn't a whole lot about sports. Trump briefly mentions Randall's career with the Eagles and also discusses Mike Tyson and his rape conviction. Trump appears sympathetic to Tyson's struggles.

Mostly it's a puff piece in which Trump talks somewhat aimlessly from topic to topic. If you don't want to waste 15 minutes watching it, Philly Mag summarized the most bizarre moments