If Shohei Otani is baseball's Superman, the Phillies should make a push for him

If Shohei Otani is baseball's Superman, the Phillies should make a push for him

Is Shohei Otani baseball's Superman?

No, he cannot run faster than a locomotive or leap over tall buildings in a single bound.
But he throws 100-plus mph fastballs and hits bombs that have the power to break through a stadium roof (literally). And he’s only 22 years old.  
Here's some proof: Otani's home run that went through the roof at the Tokyo Dome.

And him pitching over 100 mph -- yes, he does look a bit like Yu Darvish when he pitches.

Unfortunately, Otani is currently on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. Jon Wertheim from CBS' 60 Minutes highlighted the Japanese superstar on Sunday night, deeming him the Japanese Babe Ruth because of his prowess as both a pitcher and a hitter.


Should the Phillies make a push to get Otani? Why wouldn't they? Despite the fact that Otani would likely be better suited for an American League team where he could pitch every five days and hit as a DH on off days (if an AL team is open to such a unique arangement). The Phillies should still make a push because he would be relatively cheap at age 22 thanks to MLB’s new collective bargaining agreement.
Under MLB’s new CBA, any international player under the age of 25 is now capped at a $6 million signing bonus. However, Otani says he is not looking to wait three more years when the chance for a bigger pay day would open up.
"Personally, I don’t care how much I get paid or how much less I get paid because of this," Otani said through a translator in the 60 Minutes segment.

His numbers are astonishing.

Otani, who plays for the Nippon Fighting Hams, has thrown the fastest pitch in league history at 102.5 mph.

As a starting pitcher last season, he went 10-4 with a 1.86 ERA and averaged 11.9 strikeouts per nine innings.
His four-year pitching record for Nippon is 39-13 with a 2.49 ERA and 595 strikeouts.

The 2016 season was Otani’s best year at the plate. He hit .322 with 22 home runs and 67 RBIs. This performance earned him the league's MVP.
John Gibson, a reporter who has covered Japaneese baseball for over 20 years, told CBS that the 22-year-old is simply unbelievable.
"You think about a guy who throws 101 (mph) and then a guy who hits home runs and that's a comic-book character," Gibson said. "That's not somebody you're thinking about in real life. You know, nobody does that. Who does that?"

New Eagles WR Mack Hollins bringing his snakes with him to Philly

New Eagles WR Mack Hollins bringing his snakes with him to Philly

When Eagles' fourth-round pick Mack Hollins drives up to Philadelphia from his hometown Rockville, Maryland, he's going to have two companions. 

His snakes. 

Hollins, the UNC receiver, is a big fan of exotic animals. His two snakes — a ball python and a sunglow boa — were sitting by him as he spoke on a conference call with Philly reporters on Saturday afternoon. 

According to his bio at North Carolina, Hollins' dream job is to one day own a "world-renowned aquarium." 

"I actually have both my snakes here now," Hollins said. "I've had turtles. I was going to get an alligator at school, but my roommates weren't really all for it. My dad had a lion growing up, so we've had it all."

A lion? 

Where do you keep a lion? 

"His dad had it in a big cage in his yard," Hollins answered. "I guess in Ohio, the permits aren't as difficult to get exotic animals. Might be where I get mine from. I don't know how Philly will feel about some of the exotic animals, but I might have to get a couple."

For now, though, Hollins is sticking with his snakes. And he plans on driving them to Philly. 

"It's nothing but an hour drive," he said. "I'll put them in a car and load them up. I might come with nothing but the snakes."

Philly skyscraper lights up with team logos on entire building for NFL draft

Philly skyscraper lights up with team logos on entire building for NFL draft

The NFL and the city of Philadelphia have really put on a spectacle for the thousands and thousands of fans who descended on the Ben Franklin Parkway over the past few days.

But you don't have to be in front of the Art Museum exactly to see the NFL's influence on the city. All you have to do is drive down Interstate 76 through Center City at night while the draft is going on and you can't miss which team is on the clock.

That's because the entire side of the Cira Centre building that is connected to 30th Street Station lights up with the logo of whichever team is on the clock.

You can see our above video which features the Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills, and Pittsburgh Steelers. No confirmation to the reports that birds flying over excessively pooped on the building when the Dallas Cowboys' star lit it up.

The Eagles shared a pretty nice shot of their logo lighting up the building as well.

It's just another nice touch to what has been a wonderful event so far for the city of Philadelphia.