Joel Embiid is doing great, expects to be on court in 2-3 weeks, makes a pitch at love to Rihanna

Joel Embiid is doing great, expects to be on court in 2-3 weeks, makes a pitch at love to Rihanna

ESPN had its upfronts event up in New York City on Tuesday, and they brought out the biggest of guns to get people's attention. Namely, one Joel Hans Embiid.

JoJo will be the Sixers' representative up at the 2017 NBA Draft Lottery tonight so ESPN used the opportunity to hit The Process up and ask him a few questions. 

Embiid, appearing alongside pop star Kelly Rowand, sat down with Michael Smith and Jamele Hill, who asked him about the Sixers' chances this evening.

"I'm feeling good. I think we've got a pretty good chance. Hopefully this is the last time we'll be doing this. I hate losing," Embiid said.

He also said he's feeling pretty good and is ready to get back on the court soon.

"I'm doing great," Embiid said. "We're taking a conservative approach but I'm supposed to be back on the court in two or three weeks. But I'm doing great. It’s been going great."

Give that the upfronts are generally an opportunity to gain some attention, Smith and Hill asked Joel about his approach to getting attention on social media by simply being himself.

"Just be yourself. That's what I do on social media. Social media is a way for me to connect with fans. I love being on social media and being funny and having that connection with the fans really helps you a lot. Philly has shown me a lot of love and it goes all around the world."

And finally, what Embiid interview would be complete without asking him about his one-time crush on Rihanna.

They asked JoJo to make a pitch to her and his answer did not diappoint.

"I mean, look at myself," Embiid said with a smile. "I'm 7-foot-2. I'm good looking. Women usually love my accent because I'm from Cameroon. And I'm pretty intelligent too. And I'm funny."

All true. I think he has a shot if Rowand puts in a good word for him.

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LeSean McCoy, NFL players react to Trump's comments

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LeSean McCoy, NFL players react to Trump's comments

Stop me if you've heard this one before: President Donald Trump said something controversial.

Trump attacked NFL players who have or will kneel in protest during the National Anthem during a speech in Huntsville, Alabama Friday night. He questioned the NFL and said the owners should release each and every person who takes part in protesting during the Anthem.

“Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now. Out! He’s fired. He’s fired!’” 

“You know, some owner is going to do that,” Trump added. “He’s going to say, ‘That guy that disrespects our flag, he’s fired.’ And that owner, they don’t know it [but] they’ll be the most popular person in this country.”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell responded to Trump’s comments in a statement from the league. Many other players across the league made their voices heard on Twitter in response to those comments.

Former New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush:

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman: 

Detroit Lions tight end Eric Ebron:

New Orleans Saints second-year wide receiver Michael Thomas:

Philadelphia Eagles wide reciever Torrey Smith:

Buffalo Bills and former Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy:

We can’t forget McCoy’s comments about Colin Kaepernick just a month ago when he said, “There’s certain players that could be on the team with big distractions and there’s other players that it’s not good enough or not worth it.”

Lebron James, a 4-time NBA Most Valuable Player, took to Twitter to address Trump withdrawing Steph Curry’s invitation to the White House for winning the 2017 NBA Championship after Trump said Curry was “hesitating.”

Sixers forward James Michael McAdoo, who signed a two-way contract with the team in August:

These players are not just “sticking to sports” and are speaking out in response to a controversial topic that has engulfed professional sports.

Why sports are awesome: Joel Embiid's Twitter and Rhys Hoskins

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Why sports are awesome: Joel Embiid's Twitter and Rhys Hoskins

Sports Ilustrated gets it. The characters in Philadelphia sports are some of the best in the world right now.

On SI's list of "77 Reasons Why We Love Sports," the alien otherwise known as Rhys Hoskins and Joel Embiid's Twitter both make appearances. While the NFL Red Zone Channel inexplicably comes in at No. 1, Embiid's Twitter comes in at a worthy No. 2. His recent tweet about the Los Angeles Chargers' beleaguered rookie kicker is a great example of why Embiid is a must-follow.

Hoskins, the Phillies' record-breaking slugger, comes in at No. 65. His latest mind-bending accomplishment is becoming the fastest player ever to 45 RBIs. With Hoskins' ridiculous natural power and impressive plate discipline, this stretch doesn't look like a fluke. He could be one of the top reasons Philadelphians love sports for the next 15 years.