Joel Embiid popped up in Ben Simmons' Instagram Live to get his take on The Process

Joel Embiid popped up in Ben Simmons' Instagram Live to get his take on The Process

Not only did Ben Simmons ditch the boot and put on a pair of sneakers at the Sixers' practice in Camden yesterday, the rookie also took to his Instagram Live page to share a number of updates with the 4,000 or so fans (and teammates) who were watching.

Ben wasn't shy about showing off the spectacular views from his appartment of City Hall in Center City. His pad -- and little kitty -- looked pretty chill. Simmons was playing the Grand Theft Auto video game while thousands of people watched.

Obviously fans wanted to know about the foot.

Simmons said -- and I'm paraphrasing here because I was also watching it live on my phone -- that there have been no setbacks and that the foot is doing well. He's in the gym everyday and was planning to be there again today bright and early.

Simmons was asked who he was buddies with on the team and pointed to Dario Saric and Timothé Luwawu-Cabarrot.

Then another one of his pals popped up his feed and asked him for his thoughts on The Process.

"How do you feel about The Process?" Embiid asked.

Now, I forget the exact wording he used, but I'm pretty sure he said Embiid was a "beast" when he's out on the floor. He also said we all better watch out for all of the dimes that are going to be dropped when Simmons and The Process finally team up.

Embiid liked the "dimes" answer.

I could only watch Ben Simmons' face as he played video games for so long, but apparently I missed out on some other Embiid hijinx on Simmons feed.

Embiid also popped up on the live feed for his internet frenemy Chandler Parsons to ask him if he was a virgin.

He later asked Simmons if he was a virgin and pointed out that "Chandler Parsons is." Ha.

No word on Simmons' response.

Malcolm Brogdon is gonna be the most hilarious Process Enemy ever

Malcolm Brogdon is gonna be the most hilarious Process Enemy ever

Be honest: You knew this was going to happen. Joel Embiid only played 31 games. Dario Saric was only good for half a season and ended the year on a bum note. Both of them played for a bottom-five NBA team. Malcoln Brogdon put up 75 games' worth of competent-plus numbers for a team that made the playoffs. Him winning Rookie of the Year at Monday night's first-ever NBA Awards was as inevitable as Drake making a joke about his Instagram exes during the opening monlogue, and even hours before it was announced, it seemed like Sixers Twitter was getting testy in anticipation. 

But you know what? It's fine. No, I don't believe Malcolm Brogdon deserved to win over Joel Embiid by any stretch of the imagination -- Dario's case is a little more arguable than we'd probably want to acknowledge -- and I agree with everyone else cackling over how ridiculous Brogdon beating Embiid is gonna seem five years, five months, five JoJo tweets from now. But I'm also kinda looking forward to those next five years, because The Process just got itself a hilariously innocuous new mortal enemy. 

By most accounts, Brogdon seems like a pretty harmless dude. He seems destined to be the 15th best point guard in the league -- the kind of guy who'll get traded in a package for a legit star at least three times in his career by a team attempting to go over the top. His understandable reaction upon accepting the Rookie of the Year award was the slightly over-eager excitement of a guy who hasn't had to give a ton of acceptance speeches in his life; not exactly the coolest dude on the block, but one you can't really hate on either. 

                        [Sixers Twitter shuts down Bucks' Rookie of the Year bragging]

Well, unless you're a Sixers fan. If Sixers fans have demonstrated one thing over the past four seasons, it's that it's not particularly hard for us to hate on anyone, and a well-meaning rookie point guard with a hearty smile is as easy a target as the next. And now, Malcolm Brogdon will feel the true wrath of Process pettiness. 

When Malcolm Brogdon takes the floor at the Wells Fargo Center next year, he will be booed. When Malcolm Brogdon steps in a Wawa next year, he will be booed. If Malcolm Brogdon attempts to stream a song by Hall & Oates or Boyz II Men next year, he will be booed by his Spotify account. Verily, Malcolm Brogdon's NBA existence is about to be very largely defined by just how much hot air the Philly Phaithful is gonna expend just so he never forgets our outrage over how he had the temerity to win an award that one time. (And actually showed up to accept it!)

It's gonna be a lot of fun -- not like the next few seasons will likely be lacking in fun to begin with -- and at the end of the day, we'll probably get far more joy out of Brogdon's Sixers supervillainy than we would have in a single statue in Embiid's soon-to-be-very-cramped trophy case. JoJo himself seems fine with the L, and that's because he knows he has us behind to pick up the vengeful slack. That's what us Process Trusters are good for: We're bitter, stupid and endlessly vindictive so you don't have to be.

Sixers Twitter shuts down Bucks' Rookie of the Year bragging

Sixers Twitter shuts down Bucks' Rookie of the Year bragging

Like an elephant, Sixers Twitter never forgets.

That was evident when fans of the Rights to Ricky Sanchez Podcast made #RTArmageddon trend in the United States on Twitter when the Sixers traded up for the first pick in the 2017 NBA draft by retweeting old takes on the team.

Those same they fans won’t soon forget the shade the Milwaukee Bucks Twitter account threw after Malcolm Brogdon was named Rookie of the Year on Monday night (see story).

After Brogdon was tabbed ROY, the Bucks tweeted out these two barbs at the Sixers and their fans.

This did not go over well.

This comes exactly one week after the Sixers’ Twitter account laughed at the Bucks throwing shade at “The Process.”

With some of the best and brightest stars in the NBA on both rosters, could a rivalry of sorts be brewing between the teams? 

The jury is still out on that, but you better believe Sixers fans on Twitter will not forget the shade thrown from the Bucks over the past week.

This Twitter war has just begun.