Joel Embiid, Sam Hinkie have masterful Twitter exchange

Joel Embiid, Sam Hinkie have masterful Twitter exchange

If Joel Embiid makes the NBA All-Star Game, he'll owe some thanks to Sam Hinkie.

No, not just for Hinkie drafting him and originating "The Process," but also for his vote.

Yes, Hinkie is joining the movement. The Sixers' former president and GM casted his All-Star vote for Embiid.

How do we know? Well, from this beautiful Twitter exchange on Tuesday.

The love is real. Or shall we say the trust is real?

Embiid will always be a supporter of Hinkie, as he's expressed his love for the old boss on social media in the past.

THE GOAT #HeDiedForOurSins #TrustTheProcess

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Who knows when the two last talked. Maybe the next time will be Feb. 17-19 in New Orleans.

Because the push for Embiid has been legit. These are just some of the latest endorsements.

Philly skyscraper lights up with team logos on entire building for NFL draft

Philly skyscraper lights up with team logos on entire building for NFL draft

The NFL and the city of Philadelphia have really put on a spectacle for the thousands and thousands of fans who descended on the Ben Franklin Parkway over the past few days.

But you don't have to be in front of the Art Museum exactly to see the NFL's influence on the city. All you have to do is drive down Interstate 76 through Center City at night while the draft is going on and you can't miss which team is on the clock.

That's because the entire side of the Cira Centre building that is connected to 30th Street Station lights up with the logo of whichever team is on the clock.

You can see our above video which features the Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills, and Pittsburgh Steelers. No confirmation to the reports that birds flying over excessively pooped on the building when the Dallas Cowboys' star lit it up.

The Eagles shared a pretty nice shot of their logo lighting up the building as well.

It's just another nice touch to what has been a wonderful event so far for the city of Philadelphia.

Brian Dawkins: Philly has set bar for future NFL drafts

Brian Dawkins: Philly has set bar for future NFL drafts

Naturally Philly fans have gotten attention for booing during the 2017 NFL draft.

Just ask Roger Goodell and Drew Pearson.

Anything else would have been disappointing. 

But Eagles fans made as much if not more noise on Benjamin Franklin Parkway when the Birds picked. Their renditions of the Eagles fight song have been nothing short of fantastic. And, knock on wood, the fans have also behaved themselves.

So when Brian Dawkins followed Brian Westbook and took the podium before the start of Day 3 — after being introduced by another former Eagle, Troy Vincent — Dawk gave the fans well-deserved props. 

"Yeeaaah baaabby!!!" he bellowed (watch video below). "Hey, listen. Philadelphia, you ought to be proud of yourselves. You are representing right now. You have the bar of what the draft is supposed to be like. That's how you do it. That's how we do it. All right? Hey .. and let all the haters hate. Don't worry about the haters. Don't worry about the haters. Be you. Be you. If you want to do what you do, you do what you do."

Then, of course, he led another rendition of the fight song. 

Before Dawkins' brief speech, Westbrook had a message for Pearson and any Cowboys fans.

"I just want to say two things," Westbrook said. "First of all, I love you guys. Second of all, if anybody from Dallas steps to this doggone podium in my city, in my town -- we're going to give them a true Philadelphia welcome. Enjoy your day."