John Kruk hated all of the meetings at ESPN

John Kruk hated all of the meetings at ESPN

The Philadelphia region and its baseball fans were treated to a breath of fresh air -- and plenty of humor -- as John Kruk was officially announced as a new member of the Phillies broadcast team in a press conference at Citizens Bank Park on Tuesday.

If his in-game analysis is anything like his introductory presser today, Philly fans are in for some color. And plenty of laughs.

Kruk spoke about the return not exactly being a home coming of sorts, because once you're a Phillie you're always a Phillie, but said working with the broadcast crew will be new to him.

In contrasting the new local gig with his previous role in a national capacity at ESPN, Kruk echoed how most people feel about work: meetings are the worst.

It was a question about the difference between the national and local roles that sparked the response below.

"If I say this I'm going to get in trouble, but I'll say it anyway," Kruk said. "Me? I'm not big on meetings. We had a lot of them up there [at ESPN]. A whole bunch. Incessant phone calls. I didn't answer most. Pretty rude when somebody's hitting to answer your phone when you're playing golf."

"The phone calls weren't that bad," he later says. "It was having to listen to them that was painful."

Dude's got jokes!

Kruker also says he's particularly bad at finding his way around a stadium, something he'll have to work on traveling to many more games with the Phillies.

"I really suck at that. I mean, it's terrible."

Give the guy a little slack. It's rude to take phone calls on the golf course, okay??


Kruk on his return:


Chase Utley makes unreal play to save perfect game before no-hit bid ends in walk-off fashion

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Chase Utley makes unreal play to save perfect game before no-hit bid ends in walk-off fashion

Chase Utley has always had a flair for the dramatic.

And not just with his bat or hustle, but also with his glove.

Who can forget this clutch, heads-up play?

At 38 years old, Utley still throws around his body like he's 24 and in his rookie season. The former Phillie showed his signature full-out extension in a huge moment Wednesday night.

Pitching in the eighth inning against the Pirates, Dodgers starter Rich Hill had not allowed a runner to reach base. That looked like it was going to change when Josh Bell laced a liner destined to drop in right field. Utley then stunned everyone at PNC Park by preserving the perfect game bid with a jaw-dropping diving catch.

The best is Utley's typical stoicism, just getting up and acting like, no big deal, one down, fellas.

His teammates had the opposite reaction. They were in amazement, as seen below.

Believe it or not, Hill took a no-hitter into the bottom of the 10th inning when he lost it — and the game — on Josh Harrison's walk-off blast for a 1-0 defeat (see story).

Baseball is a funny game. Right now, the Dodgers are the best at it with an 89-36 record, 13 games ahead of the next closest teams (Nationals and Astros).

Before you know it, the playoffs will be here — and we all know Utley is bound for some October dramatics.

Philly fan takes one last jab at his beloved Eagles' futility in his obituary

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Philly fan takes one last jab at his beloved Eagles' futility in his obituary

Jeffrey Clayton Riegel was a wonderful husband, uncle, brother, and son. He was also a Philadelphia Eagles fan with a pretty good sense of humor.

At least according to his obituary.

Mr. Riegel died on Aug. 18, 2017, at 56 but it appears he had enough time to have some fun on his way out.

His obituary reads relatively standard on the Wimberg Funeral Home website, naming all of the family he leaves behind as well as mentioning some of his favorite greetings for different people and some of his nicknames — some people called him "Toad."

But it's this part that will have Jeffrey smiling in the great beyond:

God gave Jeffrey the miracle of time to prepare which allowed him to verbalize his last wishes. He requested to have 8 Philadelphia Eagles as pall bearers so the Eagles can let him down one last time.

Touche, Mr. Riegel, touche.

Say hello to Reggie, Jerome, and Buddy for us. Maybe they haven't heard a boo in a while, who knows.